ms. susu // director

Elisua Felix was born in Los Angeles, CA and has family roots in Tijuana, MX. Her family moved to San Diego When she was just two years old to raise her and her siblings in beautiful San Diego. Elisua (nicknamed Susu) has two siblings one of whom is her twin sister, Elisa who also works at Little Sprouts. Susu married in 2011 to her first love and is extremely happy that she did. Susu enjoys participating in her church choir and she teaches Bible studies to the children in her church.

In 2008 she graduated from Patrick High School and enrolled to San Diego City College to earn her Child Care credentials. Susu is bilingual (Spanish) and worked as a permanent substitute teacher at ST. Paul’s Child Care Center for a year before coming to work at Little Sprouts. She has always loved working with children and just being around them since she was small. Teaching the toddlers has always been her passion because she says the first years of a child’s life are the most interesting, the most fun and by far the most beautiful.

When she first encountered Little Sprouts, she knew right away she wanted to work here because she fell in love of how all the staff members were so genuine and the atmosphere was so calm and relaxing. Susu has become a part of the Little Sprouts family.