ms. stephanie // infant teacher

Favorite Color: Pink

Hobbies: Going to the Movies, Eating Sushi, Photography

Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing hide and go seek with my neighborhood friends at night and building forts with them.

My Vision of the Child: Children are exceptional little beings that are so curious about the world and how it works. With a supportive environment and the right guidance, they will all grow and do amazing things. They are our future!

Bio: I was born and raised in San Diego in a small family. I’ve always lived with my sister, mom, and niece. Raising my niece from a young age has taught me responsibility and instilled in me a love for nurturing children. I went to San Diego Mesa College to get my degree in Child Development because of her, and am now passionate about nurturing and teaching little ones to be curious and explore our big interesting world. I am very excited to join the team and this new chapter in my career.