ms. sam // prek teacher

Favorite Color: Aqua, Teal, Green

Hobbies: Pilates, Cooking, Reading Poolside, Playing with My Dogs, Spending Time with Family & Friends

Favorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memory was when I was four years old living on the Big Island of Hawaii. Everyday I would go to the pier with my grandfather and watch him fish. We also would pick local fruit on the island together; pure happiness during that time.

My Vision of the Child: I view children as active learners with such an eye for the world. Children take each day and make it their own. I value every child being respected, heard, and cared in the way that makes sense for their personal needs and development.

Bio: Hi, my name is Samantha Hallor and I am 24 years old and a San Diego Native. I attended and got my Bachelor's degree in Child and Family Development at San Diego State University. During college, all work and internships revolved around children ranging from preschool age to adolescents. I am very passionate about helping children explore their inner imagination through play and adventure. During my free time you can find me in a pilates class, handing out with loved ones, and soaking up the sunshine!