ms. saki // PreK Teacher

Favorite Color: Rose Pink

Hobbies: Traveling and adventuring are two things I’m very passionate about; they give me hands on experience of different culture and ways of living. I also love walking my dog, camping, exploring outdoors, brewing coffee and eating chocolates!

Favorite Childhood Memory: One of my favorite childhood memories would be dressing up as Sailor Moon and fighting evil with my twin sister!

My Vision of the Child: Children are like seeds. We don’t always know what kind of flower they’ll bloom into, but each seed has the full potential to grow and become beautiful. By giving them healthy soil, and showering them with love and bright sunny smiles in a nurturing and positive environment, they’ll bloom into a beautiful flower. Each child is different and beautiful in their own unique way!

Bio: I was born in Japan and spent my first five years there. After that, I lived in San Diego and completed my degree in Child Development at SDSU. In 2011, I moved to Japan and taught English for seven years. While I was there, I taught students from elementary school through to high school. I am excited to be back in San Diego and join the Little Sprouts team!