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simply organic…

We believe that in order for your “Little Sprouts” to grow to their fullest potential, both developmentally and physically, they need a variety of high-quality, organic and nutritious foods. We have found that many preschools and daycare centers in San Diego attempt to cut their costs by buying the “cheap stuff”. We do not believe that that is in the best interest of your child.

We are confident that instilling healthy eating habits at an early age prepares your child for a lifetime of success. Reducing the amount of potentially harmful insecticides that your child is exposed to during their formative years, can set the foundation for positive growth and development as their bodies continue to mature. Our program offers organic foods whenever possible and our healthy menus (that change weekly) provide a delicious variety of flavors and are entirely vegetarian. 


All Lunches are served organic milk and at least one snack a day will be served with natural apple juice.

*Children with documented medical allergies will be required to bring their own meals. A tuition reduction will be provided.