ms. rachael // kitchen assistant

Favorite Color: Gold, Olive Green, Blue, Gray

Hobbies: Country Dancing, Spending Time with my Family, Enjoying the Outdoors, Hiking, Walking on the Beach, Decorating Cakes, Crafting, Organizing :)

Favorite Childhood Memory: Riding bikes along the river, walks as a family or joint to the drive-in movies.

My Vision of the Child: That children are intelligent and intuitive. I believe the most important lessons are taught through trust, respect and integrity.

Bio: I’m originally from Las Vegas. I am one of five children, I have three sisters and one brother. As a child I loved spending time outside with my family. As an adult I have worked in a bakery as a cake decorator and baker for many years. I have also worked in a daycare with infants and two year olds. I currently nanny my cousins who are nine and eleven years old. My family lives in Las Vegas where I have one niece and three nephews, who are all my biggest joy. I aspire to be a parent of a lot of kids some day! Until then, I’ll love all the kids around me.