mr. martin // prek teacher

Martin was born in Orange County where he grew up running cross country, playing piano and having fun with photography. Currently, he spends his spare time learning to play the guitar, taking pictures, planning snowboard trips, and seeking outdoor adventure. He loves camping, backpacking, hiking, and experiencing other cultures throughout the world.

Martin began his journey in early childhood education through Orange County Peace Camp at the age of 12. He instantly took to the culture and philosophy of anti-bias perspectives, social justice, and peace education. He was given the wonderful opportunity to pioneer a new program in the camp as a Youth Leader. He was mentored by many early childhood educators and professors for eight years. He simultaneously led activities in camp and spoke at NAEYC conferences. OC Peace Camp greatly influenced his decision to pursue a career in early childhood education.

Martin completed many child development courses at Santa Ana College. He is currently enrolled at San Diego Community College working toward his Master Teacher Permit. He plans on transferring to San Diego State University to continue his journey in positively influencing young children.

Martin believes play is the bridge that leads children to learn about their environment, peers, and concepts. Play lets children explore, problem solve, and develop critical thinking skills on their own. When children play they gain firsthand experience of trial and error. When you give children the freedom of play, an enriching environment, and add an intentional teacher to facilitate their learning, children flourish into well rounded lifelong learners.