ms. leigh // toddler teacher

Favorite Color: Teal

Hobbies: Camping, Disk Golf, Concerts, Playing Instruments, Spending Time with Family

Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to Disneyland a couple times a  month growing up. Spending my summer days at Sea World. Going camping with family and close friends to Carlsbad State Beach and Temecula.

My Vision of the Child: A child with a wild, playful, limitless imagination, who loves learning through play, art, music and reading. A child who asks questions and strives to learn more about the world around them.

Bio: I am born and raised in San Diego. In 2014 I moved to Portland, Oregon where I started my preschool career. I received my Child Development Associate Credential in 2016. I moved back home in 2017 to be closer to my mother and identical twin sister. My heart will always be in San Diego, and my passion with teaching the children of our future!