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Simple. Organic. Reggio.


Little Sprouts is San Diego’s best Reggio preschool offering organic meals and serving the greater San Diego area including Poway, Mission Valley, La Mesa, Allied Gardens and Kensington. Our preschool was created to provide enriching, quality care through play-based learning. We offer a clean and inviting environment and healthy, organic food will always be served.  Whether you need full-time or part-time care, you will find that Little Sprouts Academy is the perfect place for your child. Feel free to browse our interactive website to learn more about the best preschool and daycare in San Diego! You can contact us anytime and we would love to meet you and your Little Sprout!


Infant Care – 3 months to 18 months

Toddler care- from 18 months to 2 1/2

Preschool – Children from 2 1/2 to about 3 1/2

Pre – Kindergarten – Children from about 3 1/2 to 6

LITTLE SPROUTS’ mission is to provide a unique and enriching preschool experience through quality care, organic healthy foods, and attention to detail.
— Elena Barbour (Owner)

modern approach


Organic lifestyle

We believe that in order for your “Little Sprouts” to grow to their fullest potential, both developmentally and physically, they need a variety of high-quality, organic and nutritious foods. We have found that many preschools and daycare centers in San Diego attempt to cut their costs by buying the “cheap stuff”. We do not believe that that is in the best interest of your child ....


Reggio philosophy

We are a Reggio inspired school and incorporate programs geared toward kindergarten readiness. This provides enriching experiences for your child through project based learning. We believe young children learn best from their experiences which is why we ensure they are exposed to many different mediums so they can discover their world...


enrichment experiences

Our teachers and staff are very passionate about your child’s safety and learning experiences. We know that each child develops and learns differently, so the Little Sprouts’  teachers and staff work with you to ascertain which class will fit the needs of your child best. Our staff and teachers are dedicated to creating a rich learning environment for all of the children in our care by providing age appropriate and interactive learning opportunities... 


Welcoming environment

We strongly believe that learning in a calm and soothing place allows children to explore their environment free from over stimulation.  Our decor is geared towards soft, neutral colors to promote a relaxing aesthetic and prevent the learning areas from appearing cluttered. With our society being so fast-paced, having an environment that is not overwhelming facilitates children learning and growing at their own pace...


Our locations




Mission Valley

Rancho San Diego


Mission Gorge


Adams Avenue


— Christopher S. (Pre-K Dad)