Ms. gemma // assistant teacher

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Hobbies: Reading Novels, Listening to Music, and Watching Movies

Favorite Childhood Memory: My sister came down from Oregon and took us to Chollas Lake. I remember it was in the summer and she rode her bike all around the lake. We also played with our barbies and other toys, it was fun!

My Vision of the Child: My vision of a child would be well behaved, always laughing, smiling, and for the child to feel loved.

Bio: Hello! My name is Gemma Guerrero and I love sunsets. It is the reason why the summertime is my favorite time of the year. I have a brother, sister, mom and grandma. I recently adopted a hamster I named Maxie. I am currently attending Southwestern College and majoring in Child Development. I hate bugs and anything with antennas, but I love dogs and all other animals. I also watch movies all the time! I love horror movies and dry humor shows. Also, I love kids! I believe they are the future of everyone and I hope to learn more about babies and toddlers from Little Sprouts Academy!