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Frequently asked questions

What is your philosophy? 

Our philosophy involves the “Image of the Child” - essentially that children are capable and unique individuals who should not be confined to a standard form of learning. Children should be free to explore and discover their world in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment.  At Little Sprouts Academy we strive to provide an environment that gives children every opportunity to learn individually, grow healthy bodies, and form meaningful relationships.

what makes Little sprouts unique?

  • Organic & Vegetarian Meals
  • Natural, Earth Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Reggio Emilia Inspired Philosophy 
  • Enrichment Opportunities Integrated into our Program

how are "green" practices implemented into daily routine?

When possible, some of these practices include:

  • Recycling and using Recycled Materials
  • Buying and Consuming Locally Grown Foods 
  • Use of Natural Cleaning Agents
  • Teaching Children about Sustainable Practices such as Recycling and Gardening

how can I be added to the waitlist?

At Little Sprouts Academy, we ask all prospective families schedule and take a tour of our center. If your family feels it is a good fit, we can then help you with the next steps to be added to our waitlist.

Do you accept government funding?

As a privately operated and funded program, we are not structured to accept and process any government subsidies at this time.

What is the late pick-up policy?

There is a five minute grace period extended past our posted hours of operation. Beyond the five minute grace period, families will be billed $3.00 per minute. If you are delayed or expect to be late, please call the school so we can plan accordingly.

How does little sprouts potty train?

Once your child shows an interest in potty training at school, we will coordinate with the guardian(s) to confirm your family is ready to start simultaneously potty training at school and home. For sanitary purposes, we start potty training using pull-ups. Once your child is dry for a few days, we will let you know when we can transition to underwear.

Do you administer medication?

Yes. Guardians are required to complete and sign LIC form 9221 (instructions below)


1. All prescription and nonprescription medications shall be maintained with the child’s name and shall be dated.

2. Prescription and nonprescription medications must be stored in the original bottle with an unaltered label. Medications requiring refrigeration must be properly stored.

3. Prescription and nonprescription medication shall be administered in accordance with the label directions.

4. Written consent must be provided from the guardian, permitting childcare facility personnel to administer medications to the child. Instructions shall not conflict with the prescription label or product label directions.

is food included in the cost of tuition?

Yes. We provide morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Our meals and snacks are natural and organic. 

*Children with documented medical allergies will be required to bring their own meals. A tuition reduction will be provided. 

Where is your food prepared?

Our Chef prepares the organic meals in the facility's kitchen. Don’t forget to check out the menus in your child’s classroom!

do you offer baby formula?

Baby’s Only Organic® formula is provided as an option for families in the Young Infant classroom.

can parents visit the classroom?

Yes. We have an open door policy! Speak to your child's teacher to coordinate your visit!

can parents volunteer?

Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged! Speak to your child's teacher or facility's director about volunteer opportunities!

Do you have any social events?

Yes! We proudly host annual potlucks, family picnics, open houses, a fall festival and graduations! Be sure you are on our e-mail list to receive your invitations through our online family newsletters.