inspired learning

Our teachers and staff are very passionate about your child’s safety and learning experiences. We know that each child develops and learns differently, so the Little Sprouts’  teachers and staff work with you to ascertain which class will fit the needs of your child best. Our staff and teachers are dedicated to creating a rich learning environment for all of the children in our care by providing age appropriate and interactive learning opportunities.

 In addition to your children's daily explorations with their class, learning and discovering through various activities and mediums of the children's choosing, your children will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from a variety of additional enrichment experiences conducted by our Enrichment Coordinator. These experiences will vary week to week and include topics such as art experiences, cooking classes, science experiments and even yoga! 


Children's Yoga

As many of us know, yoga is very relaxing and helps us gain awareness and control of our bodies. It is no different with children and they love it! Yoga helps with flexibility and balance and also enhances children’s concentration skills. This activity boosts their confidence and promotes body awareness. While we don’t teach the spiritual aspects of yoga, these activities still relax their little bodies and minds. Our staff will often incorporate animal themed poses and create an exciting narrative to make the children's yoga experience incredibly fun and engaging!


Cooking Class

Everyone loves food and teaching children how to create and appreciate their own culinary masterpieces is very rewarding! Quality and healthy food should be an integral part of every person's life and children are no exception. Seeing vine ripened tomatoes being plucked from the garden they helped cultivate then helping to make bruschetta makes the experience of eating them so much more relevant.  Even the picky eaters have fun trying new things!  Tasting different styles of foods from various countries expands children's view of their world from the perspective of their little taste buds.


Art Experiences

We love art and so do children! That is why we make sure to offer intriguing art projects (provocations) as much as possible to children of all ages. Art provocations are enjoyable and help with concentration, sensory awareness, self-esteem and of course creativity. We have also observed that when children create art it can mitigate anxiety, help them overcome shyness and calms anger. It’s amazing how many skills are developed through creating art and children's masterpieces are truly amazing!  Our staff strive to offer a variety of different art mediums and styles to generate a well-rounded understanding of art--there are endless possibilities. 


Science Experiments 

Elements of science are all around us. In fact, we encounter the effects of science on a daily basis; whether it be a experiencing static electricity, observing a rain cloud forming or seeing ice melt. Learning about how our world works through science can be a fun and exciting experience. Exposing children to scientific concepts from a young age encourages exploration and lays the ground work for a love of learning for many years to come.