ms. Daniela // Prek teacher

Favorite Color: White

Hobbies: Painting, Reading, Cleaning, Hanging Out with My Mom & Friends, Arts & Crafts

Favorite Childhood Memory: Being in Kindergarten, playing, making friends and not worrying about anything, just living my life happily. Getting home and playing “school” with my dolls and sister.

My Vision of the Child: “The future of the world.” The most adorable, innocent, and wonderful human beings. They bring a lot happiness to this world and so many smiles. It is our job to prepare them for their future and walk with them until they are ready for it :).

Bio: I was born in San Diego but raised in Tijuana, B.C. I have one sister, she is twenty eight years old and she is a pastry chef. I went to Mater Dei Catholic High School and that was my first time in a school here in San Diego, so that was a very exciting and scary experience for me. Later, I taught children from two and a half to six years old. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had, it opened the doors to this beautiful path of teaching which I love. For me, being a teacher is the most important job of all. We are the ones that are responsible for the education of our future human beings. We need to walk with them and then let them fly.