I love working for Little Sprouts because it feels like family!
— M.J.

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Little Sprouts Academy is an organic and Reggio inspired organization that values the ideas and interests of the children in our care. We are looking for honest, caring and dedicated employees to join our team! Applicants should be passionate about early childhood education and have a love for enriching the minds of little ones while guiding them through a philosophy that fosters their creativity and curiosities. Applicants should have a minimum of 12 units in Early Childhood Education or a willingness to complete accredited college or university courses in Early Childhood Education. We also look for applicants who have experience working with young children as this provides a solid foundation and understanding of the children in our care. Applicants should be excited to collaborate with others and have a desire to further their professional education.

"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching" -Unknown


Principles of Reggio

The image of the child  

Children as competent individuals with unique perspectives, experiences and interests. 

Environment as the third teacher

The furniture and materials in the room are intentionally placed to inspire curiosity and provide opportunities to learn


The importance of all relationships and interactions involving the children’s lives; this includes but is not limited to families, teachers and children.


Teamwork is encouraged. Children, families, parents, teachers and the community collaborate to provide an optimal learning environment. 


Our teachers listen closely children and devise numerous ways to provoke further thought and action. They ask open-ended questions to better understand the children’s schema and promote further investigations. 


Progettazione (long-term projects)

These are flexible plans for the further investigation of ideas and interests.

One hundred languages of children

We believe children have more than 100 ways of expressing themselves. It is our responsibility to provide them with as much variety in materials as possible for them to express themselves.


We embrace transparency, In the sense of open floor plans and transparent containers to house materials whenever possible. Additionally, there is transparency in communication with the parents and openness to other cultures and communities.


Teachers document the process children choose to take during their projects. Observations and verbal conversations are written down, photos of the children at work as well as artifacts the children produce are included in the final documentation piece. These factors are discussed, interpreted and displayed in each classroom to show the learning that has occurred.



Paid Holidays

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Classroom Budget

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Medical insurance

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Paid Sick Time 

Paid time off

*For regular full time employees



Why Little Sprouts? 

Little Sprouts is a family of exceptional educators making a monumental impact in the lives of the children. As team members, we prioritizes children and their needs, while working collaboratively to support and encourage one another during our journey to becoming the best teachers possible. 


We believe that our employees deserve a positive and supportive work environment. As a company, we strive to advocate for our teachers and staff through various avenues in order to cultivate a happy and healthy environment to learn and work in. All our staff members are viewed as peers and we truly appreciate honest and constructive feedback, which allows the good-natured culture at our academies to flourish. Ultimately, our goal is to work with and alongside our staff to enable them to reach their highest potential as educators. 


Little Sprouts cares deeply for those on our team. We lift each other up in difficult times and celebrate moments big or small. Moreover, we cherish our team and aim to provide acknowledgement for the loving dedication our staff members posses as they enrich the minds of the little ones within our care. We couldn't do it without them!   

We are Family! We are Educators! We are Little Sprouts! 


It takes a village to raise a child
— African Proverb