ms. Elizabeth // infant teacher

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: Reading, Horseback Riding, Traveling

Favorite Childhood Memory: Spending thanksgiving or Christmas running around my aunt’s house playing hide and seek.

My Vision of the Child: Children are known to be curious little minds. Always pushing the boundaries of learning. Exploring their surroundings through their curious minds. Children are like little sponges, soaking up as much information as possible.

Bio: I recently moved back to California from the Boston area. I started working with children at fourteen years old working at summer camps. Growing up with two sisters, we are very close and family is everything to me. I guess this is where my love for children came from. I’ve worked with primarily infants over the past eight years. Taking care of someones baby requires a great deal of trust. I build very close relationships with all children, families and coworkers. I make it my priority to ensure that all children are safe and happy.