ms. Ashley // infant teacher

Fun Facts: I have an Art Degree.

Favorite Color: Pink, Sparkly

Hobbies: Binge Watching Netflix with my Cat.

Favorite Childhood Memory: My family went camping a lot in the woods and at the beach so I have a lot of great memories from those times.

Bio: Hi, I'm Ashley, and I am so excited to be joining the Little Sprouts Academy team at the Rancho San Diego location in the Infant Room!  I have had an absolute passion for nurturing babies through their first months of life, working with them on their level and helping them understand the brand new world all around them. I have over 3 years experience in Infant Classrooms specifically, but have worked with ages from 6 weeks to 5 years in childcare centers.  I also have a BA in Studio Arts, and love to bring that element of my training into the classroom as much as possible. Building young minds through art and play is something I hope to be doing for the rest of my life!  I look forward to building relationships with the children and working along side the parents in this critically important part of their child's education.