ms. ashari // toddler teacher

Favorite Color: Teal

Hobbies: Hiking, Going to the Beach, Yoga, Eating Mexican Food

Favorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memory has to be the time my dad was deployed in Puerto Rico. I loved going to all the beaches, castles, and seeing new animal friends on my front lawn every day.

Bio: My name is Ashari Lynn Campbell, and I was born in San Jose, CA. I have lived in both San Diego and Puerto Rico durning my childhood. During high school, I had a wide variety of interests, including learning musical instruments, playing basketball, sports, musical journalism and animals. I began attending San Jose State University to study Journalism in 2013, and I eventually transferred to De Anza Community College. I am the first person in my family to attend college. While I have always been most passionate about animals, a close friend recommended me for a position at a near by preschool; it was there that I discovered an equally-passionate love for working with and education children. Since then I have begun taking Child Development courses at De Anza Community College, and have never felt so fascinated and enriched in my learning.