Angie Padilla.jpeg

ms. angie // prek teacher

Ms. Angie was born in Mexico City but raised in San Diego California since she was 6 years of age. Ms. Angie graduated high school in 2011 and she wanted to keep growing and learning in a field that made her happy. When she thought about places that she would see herself in, a preschool wasn’t one of them. She started a temporerly job as a substitute for an agency and Little Sprouts took her as a long term substitute, this is the place where Ms. Angie found her love and passion for kids. Ms. Angie also wanted to develop her learning for kids to make the relationship with her daughter full of amazing adventures.

On her extra time, Ms. Angie plays soccer and even though she can find herself injured a lot of the times she will still manage to follow her goals on the field. She also likes to go to church and help the people in need as she believes God has given her a lot. Hiking and camping with her family is something she enjoys, as well as going to the movies to her favorite releases.

Ms. Angie is our assistant for the preschool class, she would like to enjoy that stage and later on be a preschool teacher. Ms. Angie’s education has a long way to her education and she has really grown her love for kids, she will love to learn more and be able to give more of herself to this job. Now she knows her life will always be surrounded by kids and that makes her happy, and she is open up to all the growth and opportunities life has to offer her.

My main idea as an assistant is to remember that this stage is the base of the kids character and personality and understanding the every child is different and has their own way of learning. The best i can do for them is guide them to the success of life and remember that they are the future of this world.